Wrocław’s Authorities Among Polish Best

According to a rank published by „Rzeczpospolita”, the capital of Lower Silesia ranks just behind the top three. Only Gdańsk, Poznań and Sopot have been ranked higher. Wrocław has noted the highest advance from all ranked cities – 13 positions comparing to last year.

The score for Wrocław was 68.17 points. This was comprised of 29.16 points for the financial condition and 39.01 for management quality. The rank’s winner – Gdańsk – has scored a total of 74.06, the second place was taken by the winner of six previous editions – Poznań (with 71.33) and the bronze medal went into the hands of Sopot (with 70.24). Wrocław got a better result than cities such as Białystok, Gdynia, Zielona Góra, Szczecin, Świnoujście and Nowy Sącz.

Financial condition was assessed with regards to years 2008-2011. Within that period, the GNI per capita reached 5 537 PLN. It is an excellent result – a higher income per capita was noted only in Sopot (7 347) and Przemyśl (6 531).Also with respect to spending per capita Wrocław was placed among the best with 5 741 PLN. More is spent only in Sopot (8 270).

The structure of public spending was also taken into account. From the report we see that Lower Silesia’s capital spent 1.81% of all expenses on non-governmental organizations during the last three years. 385 PLN was devoted per capita on the residential policy and PR cost the city 1.02% of its budget.

Authors of the cited summary assessed also the efficiency of EU Funding applications. Wrocław noted a sum of 397 PLN for each citizen. No other city of similar size (Cracow, Łódź, Gdańsk, Poznań) scored so well. In this part of the rank, smaller cities and towns are the leaders – Przemyśl (2 256 PLN), Tarnobrzeg (889) and Krosno (829).

Last year’s edition placed Wrocław on the 17th position. This year Lower Silesia’s capital takes the fourth place. In the top 10 only Świnoujście has noted a similarly strong advance – from 22nd position last year to 9th presently.