Wroclaw supports the ‘Polish champion’

Polski Czempion‘Polish champion’ pilot programme is just about to start out. The programme is supposed to turn the domestic companies into world class businesses and make Wroclaw their headquarters. The project is co-ordinated by Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency.

Wroclaw has been successfully winning foreign investments for years, proved by Google, IBM, HP, Nokia Siemens Network and McKinsey centres in the city. However, the city authorities are fully aware the chances are small that any of these companies moves their headquarters to Wroclaw. Hence, the idea of the ‘Polish champion’. What is it all about?

The city intends to back-up the Polish companies based in Wroclaw in order to enable them to successfully compete with foreign enterprises and, in a long run, become important players in the world business. The purpose is clear – in five to ten years Wroclaw is supposed to host a couple of the main offices of the international companies. This is supposed to make the city’s economy even more stable and boost the innovation capacity of Wroclaw.

The companies eligible should operate in a multiregional scale in Europe and possess a global strategy. These requirements are met by a few enterprises in Wroclaw including Selena, Impel, REC, Koelner, Toya and TelForceOne.

Among the potential programme partners are: the Ministry of Economy, PKPP Lewiatan, the National Economic Chamber as well as the Western Economic Chamber and the Lower Silesian Economic Chamber. The Ministry of Economy funding is of particular importance as it would boost the programme’s power with the regard to the companies and enhance its financing capacity.

The money for the implementation of the projects to come may come from national as well as European sources. It’s good news that the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency who runs the ‘Polish champion’ is experienced in winning the EU funding, then.