Wrocław Still Outstanding for Business According to ABSL

ABSL – Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland has released the third edition of their report on the business services’ sector in Poland. Wrocław stands out from among Polish cities. The capital of Lower Silesia houses the largest number of research and development centres, which enjoy a model cooperation with local authorities. Employment rate in these centres grows in the fastest manner countrywide.

The study was based on an analysis of centres with foreign capital: Shared Services Centre (SSC), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) including Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Research & Development (R&D).

Poland remains a definite leader regarding employment figures in the business services’ sector in Middle-Eastern Europe. Subsequent places were taken by countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

ABSL’s report proves that Wrocław continues to develop and rises to become a leader for the entire sector in Poland.

Wrocław is one of the three cities throughout the country (the others being Warsaw and Cracow) to note the largest growth in employment. The result was influenced by a large increase in recruitment processes at companies such as IBM, HP, Nokia-Siemens or Tieto.

Total number of people working in modern business services’s centres is presently 12.6 thousand. This means that the growth since last year has reached 5.9 thousand – it is the best result in Poland.

Wrocław leads also in the category of growth dynamics, due to the fact that the number of employees in all centres at the end of 2011 was by 86% higher than the same rate in 2009. During the last two years the share of Lower Silesia’s capital in the total number of jobs within business services sector in Poland increased most i.e. by 2.9% (from 12% to 14.9%).

Currently there are 42 centres in Wrocław. Among them, 13 are the BPO/ITO facilities, 8 – Shared Services Centres (SSC’s) and so much as 21 are R&D facilities. There is no other city in Poland with so many Research and Development centres.

Mr. Janusz Górecki, one of the author’s of ABSL’s report, says that the activities Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency has conducted for many years had had significant influence.

R&D centres in Wrocław employ 4.6 thousand people, which constitutes more than a third of the total number of staffing in all centres. This result stands no match throughout the entire country.

ABSL’s report analyzes also interactions between the outsourcing facilities and the local environment, mainly all levels of government and other public institutions. Over 80% of venues declared to be in cooperation with local authorities, including indirect contacts via professional associations or chambers of commerce.

Majority of the declarations graded the cooperation as positive. Wrocław received the best mark, followed by Łódź in the second place.

Author’s of the report have also assessed the market of office surface areas. Wrocław is the second-largest market (after Cracow) with the total office surface of 386 000 square metres. Around 101 000 to 126 000 square metres is occupied by tenants from the modern business services sector, which confirms Wrocław to be highly attractive for investors operating on this market.

By the end of first quarter of 2012 approximately 16 600 square metres in Wrocław remained unoccupied, which makes for a low (4.3%) rate of vacant premises. This rate gives information about available office space in existing buildings. For prospective investors this information is however incomplete, as it is necessary to consider also the office surface area to become available in the near future.

Supply of such premises will soon increase, since many office buildings are under construction, with Aquarius Business House, Green Towers B or Sky Tower to name but a few.