Wrocław Most Valued by Managers

Lower Silesia’s capital was declared as the most valued city in Poland for managers and experts. Such conclusion may be drawn from research conducted by an international recruitment agency. Attractive earnings, high-level university education and acceptable costs of leases are the most important advantages in favour of Wrocław.

Results of a study conducted by Antal International recruitment agency are commented by the newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna in an article entitled “Wrocław Outstrips Warsaw by Two Lengths”. Research proves that 67% of respondents (experts and managers) declares that Wrocław is the most attractive place for work from their point o view. Cracow has been indicated by 45.2% and the Polish capital was placed third with 43% of votes.

One of the reasons for Wrocław being valued so much is the rate of earnings. ‘Level of earnings in cities like Wrocław or Cracow is nearly the same as those in Warsaw with still lower property prices and rents. Also the standard offered by the two agglomerations is important: number of restaurants, shops or venues providing entertainment is as rich as in the capital. Two more advantages of new leaders are the high level of education and developing infrastructure. This draws investors, who open new factories, service centres or research facilities – claims Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

Author of the article emphasizes the particular good repute of Wrocław among experts from IT, telecommunications, home appliances and automotive sectors. Business leaders such as Tieto, LG or Sharp “suck engineers out of the market. Large demand causes the payroll to rise. For now the gross income of a mid-level engineering manager is about 7-10 000 PLN, but top managers get between 20 and 30 thousand. That is approximately the same as in Warsaw.

Mr. Artur Skiba, managing director of Antal International and vice-president of Recruitment Agencies’ Association, comments the result of his company’s survey, by saying that nowadays many executives from Warsaw declare a will to take up employment in Wrocław and move there.

In the future this will result in the decrease of Warsaw’s dominant role as the largest labour market for experts and specialists. ‘Even now many global companies maintain their Warsaw headquarters but move their production, logistics and finances to a different city, where costs are lower. This process increases as the infrastructure develops. It is therefore not unlikely that when the network of motorways is finally built, the capital will be degraded even further.’ – comments DGP.