Wroclaw Economic Forum – how should the city support the economy?

wroclaw123On November 7, there was a series of discussions and workshops on the urban economy. Two Polish Champions – Selena FM S.A. and SMT Software Services – were invited to participate in this event. Conclusions reached during these meetings will have an impact on the shape of the emerging strategy of Wroclaw 2030 and a new study on the city space.

Wroclaw Economic Forum brought together researchers from the fields of economics and architecture, urban activists and entrepreneurs. They have all been debating how the city should support the economy, how to design buildings to meet the needs of both residents and business, and how it should assist companies in search of employees. Foreign visitors spoke about Leipzig – a city that bet on creativity, and Forum participants got to know the concept of Wroclaw – city of meeting of initiators, innovators, startup creators with investors. Wroclaw Economic Forum was hosted by prof. Stanisław Korenik from the Wroclaw University of Economics and prof. Andrzej Łoś, coordinator of the work on the new strategy of the city.

Meetings and a series of workshops took place at the “Crooked Chimney” Center for Professional Development at 33-35a Dubois Street. Representatives of the Selena group were asked to present a model road to success in Wroclaw (if such a road exists), and representative of SMT Software Services tried to answer the question: how can you make money from creativity in Wroclaw?



10.15-12.30 SEMINAR (including 15 min. break)
Philosophy of Economic Policy

Why is the city “meddling” in the economy?
How to develop the city’s economy?

Economic base of the city

Where does profit come from in Wroclaw?
The road to success in Wroclaw
What should be changed in the economic policy of the city?
Does Wroclaw still need foreign investors?

Innovative economy

How does Wroclaw benefit from creativity?
How can you earn money from creativity in Wroclaw?
How has Leipzig built an economy based on creativity?
Wroclaw as the city of meeting of initiators, innovators and startups creators with investors

Non-standard Economy

Civic business – Dr. Roland Zarzycki

The retail trade

Trade in Wroclaw: the key challenges
Trade in Wroclaw: the consumer perspective

12.30-13.00 BREAK
13.00-14.30 WORKSHOPS

Economic base of the city – hard core of the city economy
Innovative economy – High tech – creative sector
Non-standard Economy
The Retail Trade

14.30-15.30 BREAK