The grand opening of a modern AB Logistics Center on May 10

The grand opening of a modern AB Logistics Center on May 10

Centrum Logistyczne AB w MagnicachAB S.A., distributor of IT and consumer electronics, will officially open the new AB Logistics Center, which is located at 4 Europejska Street in Magnice near Wroclaw on May 10.

AB Logistics Center is the biggest investment that crowns 25 years of the functioning of AB. The investment project in Magnice, which includes part of the administrative offices and warehouse, is worth 130 million zloty. The most modern solutions in the field of storage technology and logistics, including warehouse management systems, automated packing and shipping of items, and automated sorters and conveyors with a total length of up to 5 km, are among the innovations worth mentioning. The suppliers of these solutions are the most renowned global manufacturers, and the advanced devices and systems applied puts the new Logistics Center AB at the forefront of logistics solutions in this part of Europe.

AB S.A. delivers to market its own innovative e-commerce solutions, and 90% percent of the company’s sales are achieved by means of on-line tools. The new investment is not only prepared to meet current requirements, but is also part of long-term planning of the development of modern logistics and warehousing services. Innovation of the Logistics Center in Magnice was confirmed by the European Union, by supporting this project under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme from the European Regional Development Fund, with the amount of PLN 24 million (net).

The newly opened logistics center allows effective service of more than 16,000 trading partners of the Wroclaw distributor. It is constantly expanding, increasing the scope and scale of its operations. In 2015, Capital Group AB achieved revenues of PLN 7 billion, and with possibilities of further expansion of the Center in Magnice, it is prepared for future challenges.

AB Logistics Center in Magnice is tangible proof that the small company from Wroclaw, founded in 1990 and headquartered in the hotel room of the workers, has now become the largest distributor of IT, consumer electronics / appliances and consumer electronics in Central and Eastern Europe. AB is the employer of more than 500 Lower Silesians, and through apprenticeship programs graduates of universities in Wroclaw can successfully start their careers.