TelForceOne announces the debut of new smartphones. It will compete for foreign clients

TelForceOne announces the debut of new smartphones. It will compete for foreign clients

The Polish myPhone manufacturer, belonging to the TelForceOne Group, wants to increase its share in the smartphone sector. In a few days, it will officially unveil two new models.


In the coming months, the manufacturer of Simply phone, which is a simple device with multiple functions, intends to propose new solutions for senior users. myPhone also wants to actively fight for foreign markets.

Five years after the start of operations, i.e. at the end of 2013, the company boasted about the sale of their millionth phone. A year later, the number of sold devices increased to 1.3 million units, and soon there will be the debut of new models. After three quarters of 2014, TelForceOne Group doubled its results. Its revenues exceeded PLN 197 million, and net profit reached PLN 5.5 million.

“This is an experience that translates into production” Radosław Trzeba, board member of TelForceOne’s myPhone, told the Newseria news agency. “With the new Infinity series will want to capture a larger share of the smartphone market. It is a priority for us, because we are already the market leader in Simply phones, and now we are expanding our portfolio when in specialist phones. In this and next year we want to significantly increase our share of the smartphone market.”

myPhone debuted by offering the simple mobile phone Simply, used almost exclusively to make calls, designed for seniors and those not interested in the functions of a modern smartphone. In this category, the company has more than 40-percent of the open market sale share. The range also includes outdoor phones, resistant to damage and poor use conditions (IP67 category).

Now, myPhone wants to offer affordable smartphones of a high standard. They have already been shown at the trade fair in Las Vegas or Barcelona.

“The Infinity Series involves high-end smartphones, with sizes of 4.7 inches and 5 inches, 3G and LTE. They are characterized by a very high quality of workmanship, and of materials and components” declares Radosław Trzeba. “Inevitably, these products will find buyers, as they fulfill the expectations of our customers, and their price is much lower than competing A-brands.”

Smartphones are now available online on presale. After the official launch, they will become available both in stores and in the range of mobile operators.

The company is still looking for market niches. It wants to make phones for those who cannot find anything suitable in the portfolio of popular manufacturers. Another idea of the company is to combine the advantages of several models in one phone.

“Soon we will be showing a new model in the Simply category. But it will be smartphone,” says the board member of myPhone. “This device may not be aimed so much for seniors as for non-technical people, who are not looking for a ‘smart phone’. This target group is neglected by the A-brands.”

myPhone also has high hopes of expanding its business abroad.

“The native market is very important to us and it is our base from which we can make further expansion” underlines Radosław Trzeba. “The plan for this and next year is a significant increase in sales. Of course, participation in all major trade fairs is to help to achieve this aim.”

myPhone for the second time won Mobility Trends for its products. A year ago, the simplicity of Simply mobile phones was appreciated, this year its outdoor models were distinguished.

Source: Newseria