Selena an International Champion

Selena an International Champion

Selena Group – a global producer and distributor (with headquarters in Poland) of chemicals for the building industry, has been awarded the title of “Polish Business – International Champion” in a contest organized by PricewaterhouseCoopers under the auspices of Polish Business Support Programme “Polish Champion”. The awarding committee granted Selena Group a special award in recognition of their achievements in promoting a Polish brand worldwide.

A solemn gala has taken place on September 5th in Krynica, during the XXII Economic Forum. Mr. Krzysztof Domarecki, Chairman of Selena FM S.A. supervisory board collected the statuette on behalf of his company.

‘We appreciate the fact that this committee has recognized Selena’s accomplishments on the international market. Approximately 70% of our sales are outside Poland and our leading brand is sold in tens of countries worldwide, among others in USA, China, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Romania and Brazil. On all those markets we offer our clients high-quality products that match their needs’ said Mr. Domarecki.

The “Polish Business – International Champion” award was granted to Selena for services made to promoting Polish brands abroad. Selena Group consists of 30 enterprises, uses manufacturing facilities on 3 continents and its products are available in over 70 countries throughout the globe. Key brands in Selena’s offer are Tytan and Artelit. They are distributed on all the Group’s target markets as premium brands of the top available quality. Both these brands have a strong and firm position in Poland and Central Europe, which is proved by high awareness and esteem among users. Awareness and popularity of Tytan and Artelit constantly rise in Eastern Europe and South-East Asian countries (in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan for instance).

Selena Group has been recognized in many ranks, including those most prestigious – the “Teraz Polska” emblem, awards such as the “Forbes Diamond”, “Pearl of Polish Market”, or “Construction Company of 2011” in a rank organized by the “Builder” magazine. Moreover, Tytan Professional is the only construction chemical to be granted the”Premium Brand” status in an independent rank by Millward Brown SMG/KRC Institute.

The idea of “Polish Business – International Champion” Award is to promote polish Companies which achieved success internationally as investors or exporters and promoting the benefits this provides not only to these particular businesses but to the entire Polish economy. All companies that are founded on Polish capital and have run a successful foreign investment and/or maintain wide-ranged export operations with success on the markets abroad.

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