SMT Software

SMT Software

Sector: new technologies, digital communication, e-commerce
Number of employees: Over 500
Countries of activity: Poland, European Union
Year of foundation: 2002

About SMT Software

SMT Software is one of the most dynamically developing IT companies in Poland.  Our operations involve development of custom business software, applications quality assurance, support and maintenance of IT systems and infrastructure, conducting security audits and IT outsourcing.  We develop software for mobile technologies, we create applications for Android, iOS, Symbian, and Windows Phone. We specialize in programming in .NET, Java, C and C++. We create Oracle databases.

We are the leader in Sitecore CMS implementation, a GOLD partner of Microsoft, Oracle, and HP. We cooperate with the best technical universities in Poland: Wroclaw University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, as well as Warsaw School of Economics.

We employ a highly qualified team of over 500 IT professionals; developers, engineers, systems architects, and project managers.Our specialists have obtained:

  • developers certificates – related to the development of software
  • network administrators and databases certificates,
  • project management certificates.

We combine unique competences in the field of HR and IT. This enables us to carry out projects for various industries. Our team worked on the development of the Microsoft search engine Bing. He have developed a content management platform for 10 international websites for XTB, and we have created a highly reliable maintenance system for Toyota production lines.We are one of the three companies that won the tender for providing IT services for Fusion for Energy, an organisation of the European Union responsible for execution of an international fusion power development project.

Sebastian Łękawa, SMT Software

SMT Software brands

iAlbatros – a system for booking hotels targeted at business customers and providing access to a database of 200,000 hotels. Thanks to iAlbatros it is possible to improve the process of business travel management in a corporation, to control expenses and significantly reduce the costs related to business trips

SATIS – a system for vehicles monitoring and car fleet management, providing a precise location readings and the best fuel consumption measurement. It works perfectly for controlling car fleets, truck fleets, equipment and managing mobile personnel.

Attorn – a receivables management system for small and medium-sized enterprises. It integrates, simplifies and speeds up processes related to assessment and management of commercial risk, monitoring and debt collection.

MobiCare – a system for monitoring and medical telecare based on GPS devices and mobile phones software. MobiCare is used for the care of children, the sick and the elderly. The system detects whether somebody falls or faints, if there is a gas leak or the flat is getting flooded; it can be used to locate people with impaired memory, children and animals.

SMT Software products

Gruperium – a system for carrying out wholesale trade in group purchases model. This solution provides products and offers management and sales support, it allows to carry out after-sales process in a comprehensive way: accounting, logistics operations, transport documentation.

Carmine – a system for managing customer loyalty programs. This solution enables management of database of the participants of customer loyalty programs, creation of unlimited number of special offers, measuring the effectiveness of the loyalty programs, carrying out direct and personalized communication via e-mail and text messages, and support of sales by stimulating the purchasing activity of customers.

Camelot – a system for supporting sales in banking systems. This solution supports banking products sales and pre-sales process starting from marketing campaigns, through sales talks, ending with verification, approval and closing of transaction.

Madeline – a system for debts management. This solution improves and automates the proceedings by writ of payment, debt collection and debt enforcement proceedings.

Saris – a system for automating leasing processes. This solution improves and automates  the entire sales process, starting from collecting key information about a customer, through making offers, credit decision and closing with printing the agreement for the customer.

SMT Software: we are a company with a very broad spectrum of operations. We work for clients in Poland and abroad.  We have seven branch offices in the country: in Wroclaw (headquarters), Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Bialystok, Gliwice and Katowice. We have offices in the Netherlands, France and the UK.
Every year SMT Software receives awards and prizes and tops the most prestigious industry and businesses rankings.

In the Computerworld 2013 ranking on TOP 200 list we took 3rd place in the category of largest suppliers of web applications and web portals, and we took 5th place in the category of the largest suppliers of solutions offered in the cloud computing model.

We belong to the group of 50 fastest growing companies in Central Europe, according to the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2013 ranking.

SMT Software is a part of SMT SA group listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. SMT SA is a holding of companies operating in three areas: digital communications, innovative technologies, e-commerce. The SMT SA group consists of the most innovative companies operating in very promising sectors of the economy, in which the marketing or technological component plays the predominant role.

Did you know?

  • Did you know that SMT Software means international projects, over 1000 customers and over 500 professionals?
  • Did you know that SMT Software is one of the three companies which won the tender for providing IT services for Fusion for Energy, an organisation of the European Union responsible for execution of an international fusion power development project?
  • Did you know that a system created by the Procurence company with cooperation with SMT Software was awarded in the IAIR AWARD contest for the best software for Supplier Risk Management?