Sector: construction
Number of employees: 1900
Countries of activity: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, France, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia
Year of foundation: 1982

About the company

KOELNER SA is a parent company of KOELNER GROUP – an international holding company, comprising manufacturing and distribution companies from 16 countries worldwide. Koelner Group develops innovative solutions for fastening techniques, their design, production and distribution. The Group’s product portfolio includes high-quality mechanical fasteners, threaded products, chemical anchors, drills, circular saws and tools and power tools.

Koelner Group’s know-how is a synergy of knowledge and experience based on the best-practices of the Group’s companies, in particular:

  • 90 years of experience of the original production company RAWLPLUG (UK) in light and heavy mechanical fixtures
  • 90 years of experience of the original production company Wapienica-Globus (PL) in saws and tools
  • 50 years of experience of the company’s original Łańcucka Screws Factory-ŁF (PL) in threaded fasteners
  • 35 years of experience of the original production company STAHL (GE) in the production of chemical anchors
  • 20 years of experience of the original production company Koelner (PL) in light and heavy mechanical fasteners, including façade and roof cladding studs
  • 20 years of experience in the design and development of Modeco tools and power tools

The assortment of Koelner Group includes 15 thousand products offered under the following brands: KOELNER, RAWLPLUG, ŁF, GLOBUS, MODECO, MODECO EXPERT.



Opened Koelner Trading KLD in Russia


Purchase of STAHL


Purchase of the major stake of shares in ŚRUBEX S.A.


Purchase of RAWLPLUG


Listing on WSE


Purchase of MODECO


Purchase of METALZBYT


Using innovative methods of metal parts encapsulation,


Central Europe’s first plug quick assembly line


Starting the production of anchors and rawlplugs


Starting a business activity as “Tworzywa Sztuczne Krystyna Koelner”; the initial period of production activity includes plastic socket wrench handles, buttons and pots.