Sector: distribution
Number of employees: over 800 (AB Group)
Countries of activity: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia
Year of foundation: 1990


About the company

The AB Group is the largest electronic hardware distributor (IT, CE, telecommunications equipment, household appliances and audio/video devices) in East-Central Europe in terms of turnover and number of customers. The company operates in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, offering more than 70 thousand products of some 700 manufacturers that specialise in state-of-the-art technology solutions. The Group cooperates with almost 16 thousand commercial partners: SMB dealers, VARs, superstores, integrators, operators, retail stores and wholesale computer hardware suppliers. The Group’s annual turnover exceeds PLN 5 billion.


The company has a strong position on the IT market but is also a distributor of consumer electronic goods, household appliances and audio/video devices, toys and mobile products, successfully expanding its portfolio and increasing profitability thanks to the economies of scale.
The Group comprises, among others, three distribution companies operating on three local markets (AB, AT Computers and AT Computer Slovakia), AT Compus (the biggest PC manufacturer in the Czech Republic), Alsen Marketing (a company that manages a chain of franchise retail stores in Poland), and Comfor Stores (an entity that manages a chain of company-owned and franchise stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia). In 2013, Optimus Sp. z o.o. Polska (a manufacturer of computer hardware and servers, as well as an IT solution provider and integrator) and Rekman Sp. z o.o. Polska (one of the biggest toy distributor in Poland) joined the Group.
For many years AB has been valued for its high quality client services, sound financial situation and efficient management processes. The company has received numerous certificates and awards, which only strengthens its position on the market.


WarehouseAB was founded by Andrzej Przybyło who made a decision in the 80-ties of the last century to computerize and modernize Poland. He started by establishing a family business in 1990 called AB Trading Company (Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe AB). At that time, the company was mostly focused on cooperating with small and medium companies, trying to establish close relationships and understand their needs. This business model required great effort and frequent client visits. Therefore, AB opened local branches in some of the larger cities, gaining an opportunity to strongly penetrate local markets and build a broad partner network of small and medium companies, a key part of AB’s trading strategy. By the end of 90-ties, AB was in the TOP10 of the largest distribution companies in Poland. A break-through moment came when AB raised funds and know-how on modern financial management by starting a cooperation with Enterprise Investors. As a result, AB S.A. was established in 1998, becoming one of the leading players in the Polish IT industry. Growing dynamically, the company went for an IPO in 2006 at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. AB explained in the prospectus that it wanted to expand internationally. The funds raised from the IPO helped AB acquire in 2007 AT Computers Holding a.s.  – IT distributor and computer manufacturer operating in the Czech and Slovak markets. It was one of the largest acquisitions in the market, successfully completed. At the time of acquisition, ATC was the third largest company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today, in terms of revenues, it is ranked no. 1 in the Czech Republic. AB is currently present not only in countries neighboring Poland from the south. The company is also actively exporting to such countries as Lithuania, Latvia or Ukraine.