Polish Champions with the title of Wroclaw Business Icon

wro-grunwaldThis year’s gala of Wroclaw Business Icons was held on September 12. The voting was initiated by the Wroclaw Chamber of Commerce. Every year, the title goes to entrepreneurs who began their business in times when economies were in transition and continue to develop businesses that rely on strong competition on the European market.

During this year’s gala 45 winners were selected. In this group there were six Polish Champions:

  • Krzysztof Domarecki, SELENA S.A.
  • Grzegorz Dzik, IMPEL S.A.
  • Stanislaw Han, HASCO LEK, production of medicines
  • Patricia Popławska, CLARENA sp. z o.o., production of beauty products
  • Andrzej Przybyło, AB S.A., computer software
  • Janusz Wróbel, NEUROSOFT sp. z o.o., computer programs

246 companies and individuals were considered for the title. The title of Business Icon was handed to such companies and founders as Leszek Czarnecki (EFL, Getinbank, Noblebank, LC Corp. S.A., Leasing/Bank), Anna Barton (Barton Ice Cream), and Wojciech Frączak (V MOTORS sp. z o.o.).

The voting jury included: The Mayor of Wroclaw – Rafal Dutkiewicz, former Mayor of the city – Bogdan Zdrojewski and Waldemar Siemiński, President of the Wroclaw Chamber of Commerce. Their choices were guided by eight criteria. The winners could had to already have 20 years of economic activity, a position as industry leader, a relatively high number of employees, a lack of legal or public arrears and experience in business for the benefit of society.

Each of the winners received a book containing a collection of interviews with businessmen who have achieved success and also helped in the development of Wroclaw. The Book of Icons is a limited edition: only 100 copies were printed.