Polish Champions in the Black. Finacial Results of AB and Impel

Polish Champions in the Black. Finacial Results of AB and Impel

The AB group generated the turnover of over 1.3 million PLN in the first quarter of 2013, which means the growth of over 35 % in comparison with the same period last year.  Another Polish Champion – the Impel group, which in the first three months of the current year generated the operating profit of 6.4 million PLN, is doing equally well.

After three quarters of the 2012/13 fiscal year (i.e. after the first quarter of the current year) the AB company reported the revenue of more than 4.124 million PLN. Its net profit after three quarters of 2012/2013 amounted to more than 32 million PLN.

–  The result of the group for the first quarter of 2013 included a non-recurrent event in the amount of 1.9 million PLN. Moreover, until the balance sheet day the sum of 2.6 million PLN of foreign exchange gains has not been settled. These two events lowered the result which, without their inclusion, would have been higher by 4.5 million PLN on the gross profit level, i.e. by 3.6 million PLN on the net profit level – says Grzegorz Ochędzan, Financial Controlling Manager in AB S.A.

As Andrzej Przybyło, the President of the Company, explains, the maintenance of the balance between the increase in market shares and profitability will be the priority for the company in the near future.

–  The works over the program of actions aimed at gradually increasing profitability while maintaining high sales growth are in progress. We are also developing our own brands – explains Andrzej Przybyło.

Another participant of the Polish Champion program – the Impel group – generated in the first quarter of 2013 the sales revenue of 351.1 million PLN, which means an increase by 17.8 million PLN, i.e. 5.3% n comparison with the previous year. The group generated the operating profit amounting to 6.4 million PLN.

The revenue growth generated by the group is supported by the acquisitions made by the company – at the end of March Impel Security Polska signed the final agreement for the purchase of 100 percent shares in the company Brink’s C.L. Polska, specialized in cash handling services.

– Thanks to the acquisition of the Brink’s company, we have expanded our operational potential. We are smoothly taking over the management of the entity and providing the already existing clients of the company with highest quality services. We are consolidating the market, because – as shown by the example of other highly developed countries – only major players have a chance to succeed – says Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice President of the Management Board of Impel S.A.