Polish Champions fight for prestigious award. Help them get it!

Two participants of Polish Champion are among the finalists of the prestigious European Business Awards – AB and Neurosoft. You can help them win the prize – Internet voting lasts only until January 2, so you might want to hurry!

There are two Polish Champions fighting successfully in this year’s edition of the European Business Awards, which have a considerable reputation on the Old Continent. They are AB, that participated in the program from the very beginning and Neurosoft, that joined this elite group recently.

Both companies have qualified for the second stage and received the title of National Champion. Now they are fighting for the votes of Internet users, so they can receive the title of National Public Champion. Each of the companies has prepared a video presentation, explaining the history of the company and its success. You can vote for your favorites until January 2, 2014.

The results will be announced on January 14 – then we will find out which companies won in their respective countries and will compete in the duel for the title of European Public Champion. Voting in the second round will run until March 25.

In addition to Internet users, videos will be assessed by a special panel of jurors, who, on January 14, will also announce the names of 100 companies that will receive the status of the Ruban d’Honneur. Each of them will then present itself in face to face interview with the committee and only after these hearings will the jury decide the winner in each category.

AB is fighting for first prize in the “Ecology and sustainable development” category.

“It is a very important moment for us, because it will be a test that will show AB S.A. among the best companies in the world. We fervently hope that you will vote for our company” encourages Patrycja Gawarecka, Director of Sales and Marketing for AB S.A.

Neurosoft represents Poland in the “Innovation” category.

“With your help a Polish company has a chance to win the European Business Awards! Vote now for Neurosoft and advertise Polish technological thought” urges CEO of the company, Janusz Wróbel .

The European Business Awards is an international competition. Its goal is to identify companies which are characterized by reliable management, best practices and which conduct business with an emphasis on care for the local community and surrounding environment.

It is the largest business promotion program operating in the European market. Both large multinational corporations and smaller companies operating in local markets can take part in it. More than 17,000 companies across Europe signed up for this year’s edition.

Award winners of the European Business Awards, and the winner of the public vote will be announced during a gala in May next year.

One can vote for the companies here: