Polish Champions dominated the competition for Man of the Year 2012

Polish Champions dominated the competition for Man of the Year 2012

Two of the four statuettes awarded by the website tuWroclaw.com in the Man of the Year 2012 competition were earned by representatives of companies involved in the Polish Champion support program. The Internet Users’ Award was granted to Andrzej Przybyło, President of the Board of AB S.A., while the award in the business category – to Patricia Popławska, the creator of Clarena’s success.

The first winner of the Man of the Year became known at the end of January. Following text messaging and online voting campaigns, Andrzej Przybyło, a Wrocław businessman and the CEO at AB S.A., the largest IT and CE distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, received the Internet Users’ Award. The head this Polish Champion company outdistanced the talented Wrocław singer Marcelina.

The impressive Man of the Year 2012 statuette in the business category went to Patricia Popławska, the president and owner of Clarena, which has participated in the Polish Champions competition since its beginning.

‘I am very happy and I thank you for your appreciation. It is a big surprise for me. Going to the gala, I was convinced that someone else will get the prize,’ said Patricia Popławska receiving the award.

The Vice President  of Wrocław Adam Grehl, who presented the awards, stressed the importance of the competition:

‘Some of the winners are participants in the Polish Champions support program, which was initiated by the President of Wrocław. This shows how great the potential of our companies is,’ explained Adam Grehl.

The other nominees in the business category were the Internet Users’ Award winner Przybyło and Aleksander Kusz, CEO of Money.pl.