Polish Champions among Polish Largest Businesses

38 out of 500 largest enterprises in Poland are based in Lower Silesia – according to the latest rank created by “Polityka”, the weekly magazine. Moreover – among the Polish Largest Enterprises located in Lower Silesia there are four of our Polish Champions – AB, Selena, Impel and Koelner.
The key factor, which determined the final placement of companies in Polityka’s rank was the sales revenue. The highest position among Lower Silesian businesses was taken by KGHM Polska Miedź, which thanks to over 20 billion PLN revenue in 2011 was classified at the 7th place. It is worth noting however, no other company in Poland delivered as much profit as KGHM (over 13 billion PLN of profit). The other two of three largest Lower Silesian companies are the branches of large international groups – Volkswagen and LG Electronics.

Participants of Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency’s programme Polish Champion were also included in the rank. The highest place among them – 4th in the region and 59th in the whole country – was taken by AB Group, the largest distributor of electronic equipment in Middle-East Europe. In 2011 AB noted over 4 billion PLN of sales revenue and the company’s employment exceeded 700 people.
Impel Group, another participant of Polish Champion, has been classified as the 12th largest company in Lower Silesia and 205th countrywide. At the moment, Impel has over 12 500 employees and sales worth over 1.2 billion PLN.
Selena, a global producer and distributor of chemicals, was identified as the 18th largest business in our region and 241st in Poland. Sales of this company are now worth over 1 billion PLN and employment is at about 1600 people.
Last but not least of Polish Champions included in the rank is Koelner, an international holding consisting of manufacturing facilities and distribution businesses from 16 countries worldwide. The entire group noted over 660 million of revenue last year, which made it the 25th largest company in Lower Silesia and 308th countrywide. Koelner employs more almost 2 000 people.
Considering the origins of companies classified in Polityka’s rank, Lower Silesia is among the leaders with 38 of 500 recognized businesses, as only three other regions have a larger share (Mazowsze, Wielkopolska and Śląsk)