Polish champions among Forbes Diamonds

Polish champions among Forbes Diamonds

As many as three participants of the Polish Champion were among the winners of this year’s Forbes Diamonds. The prestigious distinction of this magazine, rewarding companies that gain value very quickly, was given to SMT Software, Hicron and REC Global.

In early February, we learned the results of the sixth edition of Forbes Diamonds. The list presents companies that grow in value at the highest rate – in the preparation of this year’s ranking the percentage increase in value in 2010-2012, as well as sales revenue and profit in 2012, were taken into account.

Among the Lower Silesian diamonds there were participants of the Polish Champion program. They can be found among the winners in the category of companies with revenues ranging from 5 to 50 million zloty.

Tenth place on the regional list (and 109 in Poland) was taken by SMT Software. The company achieved the highest revenues (49.1 million zloty) of all classified small businesses in Lower Silesia, bringing a profit of 5.8 million zloty and thus 76 percent growth in 2010-2012.

“We are very happy that we found ourselves in such a prestigious group and our hard work has been recognized by such a prestigious magazine like Forbes. We hope that next year we will also be considered in the Forbes list” comments Sebastian Łękawa, CEO of SMT Software.

In fifteenth place in the list of Small Diamonds in Lower Silesia (129 in the country) there was another Champion – the company Hicron, i.e. Wrocław provider of IT technology.

“We received Forbes Diamonds nomination for the first time. It is a great honor for us, because of the methodology for the evaluation of the participants. Companies that received the largest annual increase in value are eligible for the ranking. Given the pace of development of Hicron, we are confident that in the coming years we will find ourselves among the larger companies” says Michał Guzek, managing partner in Hicron.

The company has achieved one of the biggest revenues (42.5 million zloty) and profits (8.2 million) in the provincial ranking.

“We are systematically working on the development of the company. Good financial performance goes hand in hand with Hicron’s constantly increasing value. In the analyzed period, the value of our brand has increased by almost 72 percent, and this growth is continuous” adds Remigiusz Efinowicz, managing partner at Hicron.

In 40th place in the region (and 445th on the nationwide list) there was REC Global, which in 2012 received 37.2 million revenue and recorded a profit of 1.4 million zloty, with its value increased by more than 38 percent.

In the annual ranking of “Forbes Diamonds” are companies with revenues of more than 5 million zloty and the fastest increase in value. Rated indicators involve not just the sum of revenues, but also profitability, high liquidity, lack of financial arrears and equity.