Polish Champion Separates its Security Services and Introduces New Venture to Warsaw Stock Exchange

Polish Champion Separates its Security Services and Introduces New Venture to Warsaw Stock Exchange

The Impel Group has changed its structure: its safety-related business activities will be separated and they will become a part of Impel Safety Group, which will be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The representatives of the Impel Group explain that the division of the group and the introduction of Impel Safety to the Stock Exchange is one of the key decisions taken by the Board this year.

“The most important arguments which motivated the Board involved the increase of transparency and efficiency of the group’s management for shareholders and potential investors by simplifying structures and focusing on more homogeneous business units” says Grzegorz Dzik, President of Impel.

The division of Impel S.A. will consist in separating organized business activities in the area of security services from the venture, and incorporating them all into Impel Safety, in which Impel owns 100% of the shares.

Company representatives point out that a similar process of separating of the development business from the group and listing it on the stock exchange brought positive results for investors and increased the potential for development of the group.

They add that the separation and independence of today’s safety segment by introducing Impel Safety on the Warsaw Stock Exchange will create better conditions to compete and clear pricing of these services, increasing opportunities for further consolidation operations.

“We will increase our ability to compete in the market and grow the value of the security services sector. We will obtain a reliable market value of our activity in the area of security services with the possibility of effective measurement of its results. Our aim is to allow investors more flexibility with investments in Impel SA and Impel Safety SA depending on the nature of their businesses” emphasizes Grzegorz Dzik.