Polish Champion reactivates Optimus. The cult brand of the IT industry is back in the game

Polish Champion reactivates Optimus. The cult brand of the IT industry is back in the game

The AB group bought the rights to the Optimus brand and set up a new company at the end of September. The participant in the Polish Champion Program hopes to build a franchise network for small and medium-sized IT integrators. “In addition, the Optimus brand will involve a broad portfolio of products, including servers and computers” state the representatives of Wrocław-based company.

Optimus was founded by Roman Kluska in the 1990s and quickly became not only a leading manufacturer of computers in Poland, but also a significant player on the integration market.

Now the brand is back in the game thanks to one of the participants in the Polish Champion Program.

“Even though many years have passed, Optimus is close to my heart, so I’m glad that the brand has come under the wing of such a recognized and reliable company like AB. I hope that the development of Optimus within the structures of AB will be a great success” says Roman Kluska.

Optimus’ new business model will enable small and medium-sized integrators to increase the market share of tenders and IT projects that were previously unavailable to them, in, among others, public administration, education, health care, the uniformed services and businesses.

Optimus will in fact be a forerunner of an unprecedented offering of comprehensive market solutions to its partners. Within the framework of a franchise cooperation, they will be able to count on financial support, including concessional loans for the implementation of projects or leasing of a whole project, as well as special trade conditions, insurance and logistics services.

“Thanks to this solution, Optimus will be able to really help our partners in the local and national contract market. We want companies belonging to the Optimus network to be seen as reliable, committed and professional, and most of all available locally” explains Przemysław Kucharzewski, an Optimus board member.

Companies belonging to the network will also receive support in the field of information and marketing. As the representatives of the AB explain, the opportunity to share the competence of members of the network in sophisticated IT projects is also an innovative idea. The intention is to create a network of companies the strength of which will consist in having a wide range of competencies available previously only available to the largest integrators.

“The decision to purchase the rights to Optimus was influenced by a number of factors. First of all, we took the opportunity to acquire the rights to the brand, supported by the huge potential for business and marketing. The fact that Optimus was also active in the integration market was also quite significant. We wanted to use the power of the brand, and, by adding our knowledge and over 20 years of experience in the IT market, set new directions for the development of this cult brand” says Andrzej Przybyło, CEO of AB SA.

Market research carried out by an external company on behalf of AB confirmed that Optimus can still be seen as a cult brand in the Polish new technology sector. It has positive connotations and is respected for the position it held in the past. It is the most recognized IT brand among providers of IT hardware and services.