Polish Champion Garners Title “Responsible Employer 2013”

Polish Champion Garners Title “Responsible Employer 2013”

The Wrocław firm AB, leading IT and CE distributor in Central and Eastern Europe and a participant in the Polish Champion program has been distinguished with the prestigious title “Responsible Employer – HR Leader 2013.”

The whole endeavor is  about promulgating or propagating adequate benchmarks, models and strategies in the personnel policy area as well as strategies for integrating personnel policies with business affairs.

The main criterion which the jury considered in choosing winning candidates was foremost a high quality of employment conditions, which includes such factors as: adherence to the labor code, adherence to BHP regulations, opportunities for employees to improve their qualifications, the motivational system, firm reputation and employment dynamics.

“AB Group currently employs several hundred employees. We are continually intensifying our employer branding activity with the goal of making the firm known to the local labor market. It is very important that the firm have a clearly defined personnel policy, because that allows us to build the trust of potential as well as current employees,” comments Andrzej Przybyło, CEO of AB S.A.

The “Responsible Employer – HR Leader 2013” program is organized by the publisher of Strefa Gospodarki,  a national supplement to the daily Gazeta Prawna. This is a prestigious award, honoring economic entities which include concern for employment conditions and employee development as a part of the strategy of their enterprise.