Polish Champion enters partnership with the French to create business software

Polish Champion enters partnership with the French to create business software

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SMT capital group, which includes the recent Polish Champion winner – Wrocław SMT Software, has just signed an agreement to start cooperation with the French DIMO Gestion Group. The newly formed joint venture, GTMS SA, will work on the development of business software.

The French company DIMO Gestion is a manufacturer, distributor and integrator of software. It has its own partner network and nearly 6,000 customers, who will be offered new products developed jointly with SMT SA.

In turn, the Polish group will introduce selected products from the French company’s portfolio on our market, through a newly formed joint venture.

“We are taking another important step in the development of our business. Cooperation with DIMO Gestion gives us a great opportunity to exchange experiences, to increase competitiveness and efficiency. I believe that the integration of our sales networks will provide revenue growth” highlights Konrad Pankiewicz, President of SMT SA.

The first joint project of SMT and DIMO Gestion will be to develop a new GPS localization and monitoring module – SATIS.

It is a telemetry system used for the satellite monitoring of vehicles, available since 2010. The module, developed jointly with DIMO Gestion, will be used for car park management in order to optimize business travel for employers.

Taking into account both the purpose of a business journey and its duration, the system will select a suitable car for the needs of the employee or will suggest other means of transport: train, plane or a hired car. The module will help to reduce costs, optimize car park use and facilitate the company’s financial accounts in relation to the use of company cars for private purposes.

As the Polish Champion’s representatives say, SMT SA wants to gradually increase its presence in foreign markets. SMT subsidiaries operate through their agencies in, among other countries, the Netherlands, France and Great Britain, implementing IT projects and providing IT outsourcing services.

It is not only customers in Poland that will benefit from SATIS monitoring system, but also those in France, Switzerland, Germany, Kenya, Senegal and Saudi Arabia.