One of Polish Champions to Train Together with Trainings Market Leader

One of Polish Champions to Train Together with Trainings Market Leader

A great interest in trainings provided by the Competence Centre has caused that the AB company, a participant of the Polish Champion programme, has expanded their workshops offer. The company from Wroclaw has just signed a partnership agreement with the Altkom Academy, a leader in the trainings market in Poland. The Altkom Academy specialize in technical and competence-related trainings.

Within the cooperation between the AB Competence Centre and the Altkom Academy, authorized trainings of leading IT market producers will be provided. Initially, the AB offer will include Microsoft trainings, yet it will soon be expanded to other workshops provided by the Altkom Academy, such as Cisco, VMware, Oracle as well as various competence trainings.

“The Competence Centre, as part of their mission, supports the sale of products and technologies provided by AB SA.  Emphasizing the need for broad education of our partners, we take special care of their excellent preparation and sales competences. We also encourage them to develop their own businesses. We have already been cooperating with Altkom in the scope of authorized Microsoft trainings for a couple of years and, due to a high interest among our partners, we have decided to strengthen our cooperation and to increase the number of our common projects” – explains Zbigniew  Mądry, AB SA Marketing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of AB SA.

The AB Competence Centre was established in 2010. Since that time, the Centre has constantly been developing, with the aim to meet the expectations of its customers and partners. Just in the last quarter, over 150 companies took part in various technological trainings.

In 2012, within the Competence Centre, original workshops of the Advanced Technologies Academy were initiated. They cover several thematic blocks including server technologies, storage, web and emergency power supply technologies as well as technological trainings organized in cooperation with companies such as HP and Zyxel Education Center.

“The cooperation proves to be beneficial for both parties – it provides an opportunity for Altkom’s offer to reach AB business partners, including dealers, VAR, hypermarkets, integrators, shops and computer wholesales, that is, companies which could potentially be interested in technological and business upskilling. For AB, it is added value for their customers in the form of access to an attractive and broad offer of trainings within the area of technology and business” – says Magdalena Konieczna-Wrzesień, Education Director at the Altkom Academy.

Apart from technical trainings for IT experts, the Altkom educational offer also includes a wide range of trainings within the area of social and personal upskilling as well as business trainings connected with organizations and projects management, and business processes analysis.