Neurosoft – bronze sponsor of Transport Research Arena 2016

Neurosoft – bronze sponsor of Transport Research Arena 2016

neurosoft logo kwadratEven though Transport Research Arena 2016 will be held on April 18-21 at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Neurosoft is already proud to announce that it is the main sponsor of this most important event in research and innovation in transportation in Europe.

After Paris, Athens, Brussels, Ljubljana and Gothenburg it is time for Warsaw. Each year the conference attracts several thousand participants – representatives of science and business in the transport industry. The objectives of the conference include activities towards the research, development and innovation in different types of transport: road, rail, water and intermodal.

This year’s motto is: MOVING FORWARD, Innovative Solutions for Tomorrow’s Mobility. The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition, during which representatives of the industry will be able to present their achievements. In addition to plenary sessions there will be strategic and technical sessions, along with the so-called invited sessions, all related to the main theme of TRA2016.

Conference topics will include issues such as reducing carbon emissions, sustainable development, energy efficiency, production of vehicles and vessels, mobility and transport of goods and automation and connections.

To take part in the event one can register on the website of TRA2016.