More International Patents for MIC-1

A ground-breaking discovery of scientists from Wrocław has gained further patent protection. Stem cells MIC-1 are now protected by two new patents in Europe and also one in Korea. It’s another step on the way to a global expansion of this brand, which originated in Wrocław.

Stem Cells Spin PLC – a company established by scientists from Wrocław is presently in possession of seven patents protecting their inventions. Three of them are domestic and for global. The range of protection provided by these rights covers the United States, Australia, Europe and Korea. The actual patented technology is the method of extracting the MIC-1 stem cells line from antlers of the Cervidae family together with the methods of breeding them. Not only the technology itself is under restriction, but also its commercial application.

‘Decision granting us the international patent for stable lines of MIC-1 stem cells allows us to dynamically enter the foreign markets. We perceive our great discovery from a global perspective and we are going to consequently execute our strategy’ said Mr. Jarosław Muszyński, CEO Stem Cells Spin PLC. ‘Korea, our most recently acquired patent will definitely not be the last one’ he added

Applications for new patents are processed for instance in Poland (two applications), New Zealand, Canada, China, Hong Kong and India. New filings are now initiated in Australia, Russia, Eurasia, Israel and Ukraine.

The laboratory based in Wrocław was first to extract a stable line of stem cells from the antlers of red deer, defined for patent reasons as MIC-1. Research of these cells was initiated in 2003 and conducted at the Medical University of Wrocław.

‘After a couple years of studies we were able to confirm the unique features of MIC-1 cells’ said Mr. Marek Cegielski (associated professor), a veterinary expert from Medical University who has made the breakthrough together with Mr. Marek Bochnia (Ph.D.), Mr. Wojciech Dziewiszek (Ph.D.) and MR. Ireneusz Całkosiński (associated professor). The discovery proved that MIC-1 stem cells have an incredible potential for regeneration – they stimulate other cells to divide and produce proteins. It results in regeneration and rejuvenation of tissue, which had aged or been damaged, according to Mr. Cegielski.

The company is very successful in commercializing its inventions. Since August 23 unique bioderm-cosmetics branded Revitacell are available for purchase online. They are based on an innovative active component NHAC Biocervin MIC-1 extracted from the stem cells. ‘We have introduced to the market three specific therapeutic sets of cosmetics – : Revitacell Stem Cells Eyelashes Therapy, Revitacell Stem Cells Hair Therapy and Revitacell Stem Cells Face Therapy. They rebuild and regenerate weakened eyelashes and brows, damaged hair and skin’ emphasized Mr. Muszyński, CEO of Stem Cells Spin PLC. Also veterinary products for animal care will soon be released under a separate brand.

About Stem Cells Spin PLC

Stem Cells Spin PLC is a technological company from Wrocław established in order to commercialize a scientific discovery of stem cells defined as MIC-1. Based on this discovery, the enterprise conducts intensive research and development programmes on innovative cosmetics and medication for people and animals. Due to these efforts, the company managed to introduce a new brand of bioderm-cosmetics onto the market in July 2012, called Revitacell. Launching of animal-care products is scheduled for next year.

The business was formed in 2009, as the first Polish spin-off/spin-out. Its research facilities are located in the Wrocław Technological Park. Since August 2011 the company is listed on the NewConnect stock market. It holds three patents that are essential for the development of products – European, American and Australian. Further patent applications are being processed presently.