Modern B2B marketing: Hicron as a guest at the Golden Marketing Conference

Modern B2B marketing: Hicron as a guest at the Golden Marketing Conference

obraz-do-artykuluGolden Marketing Conference is a major marketing event. One of the speakers in the debate on brand value in business relations was Michał Guzek, Managing Partner at Hicron.

Golden Marketing Conference lasted two days and brought together more than 2,000 participants and the biggest personalities in the world of marketing in Poland and in the world. We can distinguish at least: Kevin Lane Keller, Simon Mainwaring and David Bell, and Natalia Hatalska, Paweł Tkaczyk and Marek Zielinski.

The main theme of the conference was brand marketing: creating a strong and recognizable brand. Discussions revolved around social media and their role in building customer engagement, the most promising trends for 2016 and issues related to mentorship.

The second day of the conference was opened with a debate on “Breakthrough in B2B marketing”, which was attended by the business leaders Paweł Tkaczyk, Wojciech Lawniczak, Artur Staniec, Michał Banach, as well as Michał Guzek – Managing Partner at Hicron. The subject of integration of sales activities with marketing activities was brought up in the discussion. Almost from the very beginning, Hicron has actively integrated sales activities with real-time marketing, which each year results in greater and greater financial results, as is explained by Michał Guzek in more detail in the following coverage.

To exist in B2B sales, one needs to exist in the minds of the customer before the sale itself. The fact that we are dealing with a business customer does not mean that they do not need ‘packaging’. The brand is very important. It is important to not only build a portfolio of services, but also a vision of its quality and the values ​​which we follow” says Michał Guzek.