Kruk Group S.A. and Selena FM S.A. awarded with the titles of International Champions

Prt sc, źródło:

Prt sc, źródło:

Two participants in the Polish Champion project were awarded for their achievements on foreign markets. The Polish Company – International Champion competition has selected the best investors and exporters. For the first time special prize was awarded – the title of the Visionary of Foreign Expansion.

December 2 marked the end of the fourth Polish Company – International Champion competition, organized by PwC and the Puls biznesu (Business Pulse) magazine. As every year, awards were handed out in five categories: Investor – Polish Private Business, Exporter – Polish Private Company, Investor – Polish Treasury Company, Exporter – Polish Treasure Company.

Two Polish Champions from Wroclaw were awarded in the main categories: Kruk Group S.A. in the category of Investor – Polish Private Company and the representative of the Supervisory Board of Selena FM S.A., Krzysztof Domarecki, founder and representative of Selena, received a special award – the title of Visionary of Foreign Expansion. The award in this category was handed out for the first time in the four-year history of the competition.

Polish Company – International Champion competition promotes the activity of Polish companies on global markets. It rewards Polish companies, which, thanks to foreign investment and export activities, transform into global entities and build the Polish brand in the international arena.

Companies had to meet the following conditions to be considered in the competition: in the past three years they must have made foreign investments, successfully conducted export activities on foreign markets and in doing so dynamically increased sales, improved financial performance, increased market share regionally or globally, reported savings, applied new technologies and promoted the quality of the Polish brand on foreign markets.

Kruk turned out to be the best investor among Polish private companies. The award was received by Edyta Szymczak, President of ERIF BIG group from Kruk. Competitors in this category included Asseco and Work Service, whose representatives received distinctions. Kruk has been recognized for 17 years of debt management in Poland and in the European market, in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.

In the other categories there were the following winners: Solaris Bus & Coach (Exporter – Polish Private Company), PKN Orlen (Investor – Polish Treasure Company), the Maspex Wadowice Group and the Azoty Group (Exporter – Polish Treasure Company).

Krzysztof Domerecki, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Selena FM, shared his recipe for success. “To succeed in the international arena one needs a vision” he confessed to the editors of Puls Biznesu. Domerecki also mentioned elements without which perhaps he would not have been able to build a global brand. They are: vision, luck and a lot of hard work. The chairman of the board admits that he still works six days a week and appreciates the skills of Polish engineers, chemists and innovators who are behind the development of quality products. Domarecki also appreciates an infrastructure that, thanks to the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, allows for the conquering of foreign markets.