Impel-owned company trains employees of civil aviation security

Impel-owned company trains employees of civil aviation security

Gwarant Agencja Ochrony group, the majority shareholder of which is Impel, has opened a training center for Air Traffic Control Operators at airports. Gwarant, received the appropriate permission from the Civil Aviation Authority, the only company in Poland to do so.


Gwarant organizes training for operators who are responsible at airports for security checks of persons, cabin baggage, carried items and checked baggage. Inspectors check passengers entering the departure lounge, their luggage, boarding passes and hand luggage with scanning machines.

“Running our own training center gives us an advantage over the competition and the opportunity to become independent from the training institutions. Before, our employees had to take part in training courses organized by other companies, today we have the power and know-how that allow us to train the safety operators” says Edward Kuczer, President of Gwarant.

The company has already conducted training at the airport in Pyrzowice, in which it implements the security service, as well as in Goleniów.

“We hope that soon this group will be increased by new clients, because we have already presented the offer to other Polish airports” adds Edward Kuczer.
In mid-March 2013 Gwarant Agencja Ochrony group took over the protection of Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice from the Border Guard. The agreement was concluded four years ago. The airport in Pyrzowice is the second airport, after the Warsaw – Modlin Airport, to transfer control of security to an external company.

Gwarant is a nationwide company providing services in the field of physical protection of persons and property, monitoring, technical security and cleaning services. This year, the company celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its creation.

Gwarant’s shares are listed on the NewConnect market. In 2012, 73.1% of its shares were bought by Impel.