Impel Business Solutions awarded the Reliable Outsourcer title

Impel Business Solutions awarded the Reliable Outsourcer title

rzetelnyImpelImpel Business Solutions is the winner of the Reliable Outsourcer title. The editors of Outsourcing Magazine recommend IBS as a reliable Business Partner offering the highest standards of conduct.

„Reliable Outsourcer” is an event in which Outsourcing Magazine names the most noteworthy entities operating in the market of professional business services. Given its expertise in the philosophy of service providing, it recommends the companies which can offer its clients a state-of-the-art dependable formula for co-operation.

Thus, Impel Business Solutions joined the Reliable Outsorcer award recipients. So far, this group includes 10 companies: ArchiDoc, Banach Outsourcing, Cursor S.A, Exact Systems, Express Fleet Partner, HRK LLC, PAIiIZ, PWC and Sellpoint.

rzetelnyImpel-certyfikatThe main objective of Outsourcing Magazine is to recommend good business partners to its readers. The „Reliable Partner” title is itself a good indicator of who represents the most recognised companies in this sector. That’s why the program most recently granted the award to Alina Rudnicka-Acosta, the head of the board of directors at Impel Business Solutions.

In an interview for Outsourcing Magazine she talks about the most important asset of Impel in relation to outsourcing, she reveals how the company supports the development of organisational models from abroad in Poland, she explains at which stage of developement should a company consider implementing outsourcing and what can be gained by this.

Surely, the first indicators, which cause us to consider the support of outside assistance, are the increasing difficulties with keeping the operations running smoothly, which can manifest itself in the form of personnel shortages and other logistical problems. (…) Another case in which considering the possibility of outsorcing in vital, is a situation in which the scale of operations becomes sufficiently large, which entails a proportional rise in the operating costs. It’s worth examining, whether this correlation should really be occuring – explains Alina Rudnicka-Acosta.

The chairman of Impel Business Solutions adds that the companies which decide to take advantage of the outsourcing solutions mitigate the business risks of fraud and extortion, which take place ex. when dealing with payrolls, issuing payments or signing contracts with suppliers. This not only helps to protect finances, but also the company’s image.

In particular, Impel Business Solutions was specifically created to fulfill the accounting, staffing and payroll needs of the Impel Group Company. Over time the experts stopped working exclusively for the Group and started providing their services to outside entities. This way, Impel Business Solutions, as a polish company, has for many years been listed on the WSE (Warsaw Stock Exchange) as part of the Impel Group Company.