Hicron took part in a session of the FST Summit in Dublin

Hicron took part in a session of the FST Summit in Dublin

hicronThe 12th FST Summit, which is an international forum for the banking sector, took place on May 11-13. Hicron participated in this prestigious event. The company enriched the workshop session with its presentation on the applications of Big Data in the financial industry.

Thus, Hicron inscribed in one of the key themes of the forum: “Cloud, Social, Mobile & Big Data: breakthrough technologies drive market innovation. Data as a source of innovation”. FST Summit meetings focus on the international community and key decision makers in the business world. The forums provide an opportunity to learn the latest technological achievements. Participants take part in a series of business meetings and workshops.

For Hicron, participation in the FST constitutes above all an opportunity to explore new markets, the chance to discover new growth opportunities. Hicron, as an international provider of advanced IT solutions, presented the achievements of Big Data at the workshop conducted by Edward Mężyk from the company Datarino, belonging to Hicron Group.

As we can read on the official website of Hicron: “The financial sector is one of the most receptive segments of the market, extremely open to new technologies” explained Edward Mężyk. He also explained that the workshop presented the potential of Big Data; real business opportunities hidden in the data. According to Mężyk, the banking sector may benefit from advanced analysis, for example through easier and more effective access to customers. At the same time it is essential to provide them with security, which must be constantly improved particularly in the banking sector.

Participation in the forum was also summed up by Michał Guzek, Managing Partner at Hicron: “The FST Summit is a great distinction for us. The presence of leading representatives of the industry gives us a chance to exchange experiences and identify market needs”. In his opinion, participation in the forum was an opportunity to share their know-how in the international environment and an opportunity to present technologies that soon will be present in widespread use, and gain market advantage and distance competition.