Polish Champions – here we go!

Welcome to the official website of the „Polish Champion” programme www.polishchampion.pl. It is a first venture of this kind in Poland, gathering leaders of Polish business who are present on foreign markets. We hope for this website to be a source of inspiration for other companies with a view of global expansion and a recruitment centre for those who intend to develop their career in Polish companies with international operations.

On the Polish Champion website we present basic information about the programme and new regarding successful initiatives of Polish businesses abroad. A knowledge base for enterprises interested in expanding beyond the borders of Poland is also being created.

You may also find profiles of programme members and a section with job offers. Among the purposes of this site is promoting awareness of Polish companies investing abroad.

The pilot programme consists of 11 members with headquarters in Wrocław: AB, Clarena, Hasco-Lek, Koelner, Kruk, Impel, REC Global, Selena, TelForceOne, Toya and Xantus.

‘We wish to promote the knowledge of international achievements fulfilled by businesses from Wrocław’ declares Mr. Dariusz Ostrowski, president of Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, a co-organizer of Polish Champions. ‘Few people are aware that more and more Polish enterprises copes very well not only on markets of Central Europe, but also on other continents. On the other hand, young people can see that they may develop their passions and careers in global businesses based in Wrocław, as they do so in IBM, Credit Suisse or Google’ adds Mr. Ostrowski.

Stories of success made by Polish companies are one of the most emphasized parts of www.polishchampion.pl. Each of them could inspire other enterprises in search for a global vision and interested in developing their own strategy of entering foreign markets. ‘We would like the Polish Champion programme to set up new standards in promotion and support of domestic business operating internationally. All cities interested in co-operation and establishing similar programmes are welcome’ declares Mr. Ostrowski.

About the programme:

Polish Champion is a programme organized on behalf of the Wrocław authorities, by Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency together with the Ministry of Economy and Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.