Heads of Polish Champions Fight for the Title of Man of the Year

Heads of Polish Champions Fight for the Title of Man of the Year

In mid-January, we got to know the candidates for the title of “Man of the Year of the Portal tuWroclaw.com”. Among the nominees in the “business” category there were two presidents of the companies taking part in the Polish Champion Program – Polish Business Support Program. These are Patricia Popławska of Clarena and Andrzej Przybyło from AB.

Nine nominees apply for the honorable mentions in three categories. The winners will be chosen by the Jury headed by the President of Wrocław – Rafał Dutkiewicz.

In the “business” category two of the three nominees are the heads of the companies taking part in the Polish Champion Program.

Patricia Popławska is the president and owner of Clarena, and privately she is the mother of five children. She is also the vice-champion of Lower Silesia and Southern Poland in horseback riding, and the founder of the Clarena Foundation.

Patricia has been involved in the cosmetics industry for 16 years. Thanks to her hard work, consistency and outstanding business insights, starting from a small drugstore in Wrocław, she has created one of the largest cosmetics companies in the country, which employs more than 130 people.

For 10 years Clarena has been specializing in providing products and services for professional beauty salons. Clarena provides not only cosmetics, but also specialist equipment for treatments, micropigmentation equipment, as well as spa equipment and fittings. The company serves nearly 18,000 salons across the country.

Patricia Popławska knows perfectly how to run her business operations and has an excellent judgment of trade, which she has proven by winning many prestigious awards.

Andrzej Przybyło is the President of the Board of AB S.A. He is a businessman with a vision and a thorough person, who systematically sets himself successive business goals. While not giving in to surrounding pressures, Andrzej consistently strives to achieve his goals. Thanks to his great dedication and hard work he transformed his family business into a group with an annual turnover of more than a billion dollars.

AB S.A. is one of the largest IT and consumer electronics distributors in the Central and Eastern Europe Region. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2006 and it has become a strategic partner of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer hardware and software.

The third nominee in this category is Aleksander Kusz, the President of the company Money.pl, which manages the largest financial portal in Poland.

On 5th February, during a ceremonial gala in Wrocław Congress Center at the Centennial Hall, we are going to find out who of the trio featured in each category will receive the title of “Man of the Year of the Portal tuWroclaw.com”.

The Internet ballot has already been going on – so up till 25th January, you can vote for your favorite on the contest website. The candidate with the largest amount of votes will receive the Internet Users’ Award.