Hasco-Lek Wroclaw builds a modern rehabilitation hospital

Front_budynkuWroclaw Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine (WCRiMS) will soon change its location and broaden the scope of its services. The construction of the new headquarters of WCRiMS has already begun on Lekarska Street. It is an investment of Hasco group, which features participants in Polish Champion – Hasco-Lek.

As representatives of Hasco group promise, it will be one of the most modern medical centers in Poland, where both daily rehabilitation services and surgical procedures will be provided.

It will also offer patients specialist clinic and a comprehensive diagnostic laboratory.

The modern rehabilitation center

The rehabilitation center will be on the ground floor, where in addition to individual therapy offices there will be also, among others, an exercise room, a hydrokinetic therapy pool equipped with tracks used for learning to walk or cryogenic chamber.

The facility will also include offices for hydrotherapy, or treatments in an aquatic environment – vortex and underwater massages.

Comprehensive hospital care

As part of hospital care there will be five departments created – systemic, neurological, cardiac, children and orthopedic rehabilitation, with two operating rooms.

“In total, the hospital will have more than 150 beds. Patients will have single and double rooms with a full bathroom, providing patients with comfort. On the children’s ward there will be a playroom and classroom, where the youngest patients will be able to take educational classes” explain representatives of the investor.

The hospital will carry planned orthopedic surgery and many other surgical procedures in orthopedics and sports medicine, particularly in the surgical treatment of injuries that have occurred as a result of sports.

“The Wroclaw Centre for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine provides medical care to patients at every stage of treatment – from seeing a specialist doctor through a comprehensive diagnosis, preparation for surgery and surgery to postoperative care and rehabilitation treatment. The patient throughout the treatment period will be taken care by professionals working together” emphasizes doctor Tomasz Zakrzewski, General Surgeon of Wroclaw Centre for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

Medicine for athletes

The sports medicine consultancy is a service addressed both to those who have been training for many years, as well as for beginners who are just starting their adventure with sport and want to check their health predispositions.

As part of Sports Medicine in WCRiMS there will also be rehabilitation after injuries sustained as a result of sport. In the hospital there will be office of computer analysis of the movement.

Functionality and modernity

The building on 1 Lekarska Street will have four floors above ground with a total usable area of ​​over 10,000 m2, parking and a helipad.

The complex will also include a pharmacy with a drive-in function (available without leaving the car), and wide, marked passageways, adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility, that will make it possible for every patient to move around the hospital.

The facility is built directly on the Wroclaw Motorway Bypass, allowing easy access to the S8 Wroclaw – Warsaw road and the A4 motorway.

WCRiMS was founded in Wroclaw in the 1970s and since then the center conducts specialized activities in the field of rehabilitation. Currently the facility is located at Chopina Street.

The new headquarters, designed according to modern standards, allows the assistance of even greater number of patients – the hospital will support from 1500 to 1800 people every day. Putting the facility into service is scheduled for 2016.

Photos: Materials of investor