Foreign Trade Helps the Economy

According to Puls Biznesu, foreign trade absorbs negative effects of the economic slowdown. Polish National Bank’s statistics inform that a notable decrease has taken place in the import to Poland. Goods worth 12.1 billion EUR were imported to our country in May. It is 5.7% less than during the same period last year.

Experts quoted by the newspaper interpret this fact as a sign that effects of the global crisis are reaching Poland. Global operations of Polish companies and the increase in export is therefore a great support for our economy. In June, polish exporters sold goods worth a total of 11.7 billion EUR. It’s a 0.5% increase in comparison to last year.

Puls Biznesu claims the decrease if import and growth of export to be a wonderful situation for economic growth. Domestic companies get the chance of expansion and winning with their foreign competitors. Less import means also more opportunities for Polish enterprises on the internal market. All the above indicates that businesses like the participants of Polish Champion Programme are becoming a more and more important pillar of Polish economic development.