Clarena to support the unemployed. New project in collaboration with MOPS

Clarena to support the unemployed. New project in collaboration with MOPS

CLARENA Foundation and the Wrocław branch of the Municipal Social Welfare Centers (MOPS) are preparing a series of training courses for the unemployed. Instructors from the company which participates in the Polish Champion program will run workshops, including make-up and styling courses. The new competencies will allow the unemployed participants to return to the labor market, or simply to change trade.

Patricia Popławska, Clarena’s President, declares that she has received a lot from life, and therefore, she intends to share the success.

‘I created a foundation that helps single mothers. Women’s situation is particularly difficult because they are often responsible not only for their own lives, but also for their children’s. My foundation provides physical aid, but this is not the most important thing. What matters most is self-esteem and confidence that you can cope. Hence the idea to organize beauty care workshops. It a very important area for women,’ Popławska says, ‘especially those who must return to the labor market.’

The idea is shared by CLARENA Foundation and the Social Welfare Centre. Patricia Popławska wants to help and she has the means; MOPS experts offer the know-how. They have picked the first group of trainees from among the Centre’s charges, to participate in the cycle of training.

The participants of the project included women participating in the Leadership Academy. The Academy is a project related to the activation of the Wrocław district Nadodrze.

‘We train there long-term unemployed beneficiaries of the Social Welfare Centre to help them make changes in their lives as well as their immediate surroundings. Unemployment, social isolation, and poor financial condition of families create bad emotional states in individuals and poor relationships between family members,’ says Violetta Bodnar, the Local Activity Program ‘Active Nadodrze’ Coordinator.

Clarena’s workshops include eight meetings that will be held every Wednesday at the headquarters of Clarena at Kleczkowska street. After the first course, there will be more classes for successive groups.