Clarena Cosmetics Opens to European Clients

Clarena Cosmetics Opens to European Clients

Commencing from December, the cosmetics produced by Clarena, a company participating in the Polish Champion Program, are available all over Europe at the on-line store. The official brand store operates in several languages and payments can also be made in Euros.

Clarena, with its headquarters in Wrocław, is one of the leading producers of professional cosmetics. Clarena on-line store intended for Polish clients has been operating since 2012, and in December 2012 the company launched its international version. Now the shopping can be done in English, French and Russian. European clients can pay for their orders in Euros.

Clarena provides its products to 19 countries in Europe. Up till now, Clarena products were available to foreign clients only at brand or partner stores. Now, you can do the shopping without leaving your home.

The process of the brand expansion into foreign markets is still in progress. The limited access to our products did not respond to the growing interest in our cosmetics. The launching of the Official Internet Store will provide people who take special care of their skin condition with an easy access to professional cosmetics which can be used at home. What we mostly intended was to render the on-line option not only to Polish clients, but also to foreign purchasers of our products” – explains Patricia Popławska, the Chairman of Clarena.

The store is available at: