Andrzej Przybyło: Wroclaw is doing 200% when it comes to business and innovation support

Andrzej Przybyło: Wroclaw is doing 200% when it comes to business and innovation support

A. PrzybyłoIn the renovated and modern settings of “Barbara”, formerly a well-known bar and meeting places for Wroclaw citizens on Świdnicka Street, an awards gala was held for 30 Creative Wroclaw citizens.

At the present location – an important place of the European Capital of Culture 2016 – in addition to the awards for thirty people in the field of business, culture, arts, social work and research, a debate was held about how the city of Wroclaw can and should support the development of its creative class. The discussion featured, among others, Andrzej Przybyło, CEO of AB S.A.

“For me, from the perspective of a business man, creativity is inherent to innovation. For 25 years, I have managed the company, which was founded and continues to grow in Wroclaw. AB distributes products clearly associated with modern solutions and all the time we need to demonstrate creativity. I can say that Wroclaw is doing 200% when it comes to support for business and innovation. However, there is no support from the state as an institution for creative people that make our town into a modern metropolis that is full of ideas” says Andrzej Przybyło, CEO of AB S.A.

“I mean here, among other things, higher education adapted to contemporary requirements. In many areas, we need to take matters into our own hands, and it happens. In our company we constantly create opportunities for young, creative people. We prove that they do not have to go abroad to be able to develop and pursue their passions. Therefore, I say simply – we are waiting for you, apply for work at AB. I would also like to congratulate the entire awarded thirty and wish them above all perseverance in what they do” adds A. Przybyło.

The panel discussion, led by Edwin Bendyk, a journalist of the weekly “Polityka” and a lecturer at Warsaw University, was also attended by Vice President of Wroclaw Maciej Bluj and representatives of Wroclaw companies and organizations: Wiktoria Lenart, Zbigniew Maćków, Pawel Marchewka, Bartosz Ciepluch.


AB Capital Group ranks among the largest distributors of IT appliances and toys in Europe. It operates in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, selling products of the world’s largest producers of modern technology to more than 16 thousand trade partners. Since 2006, the company AB S.A. has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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