AB in the ranking “Europe 500 – the biggest of Central – Eastern Europe”

The ranking “Europe 500 – the biggest of Central – Eastern Europe” takes into account more than 800 companies from 19 countries (ranked by their revenues in 2015). AB Group took 99th place in the rankings and thus it moved up 24 positions in the 10th edition of the rankings compiled by “Rzeczpospolita” and Deloitte.
AB Group has also been included in the index of the best companies, which is created within the ranking of “Europe 500″. To be included in the Index of Success, it is necessary to meet several conditions, including: the business must be large scale (EUR 500 million in revenues), its registered office must be located in Central Europe, the company must have a transparent ownership structure and publish financial statements, and the company must also operate in at least three countries and enjoy a good reputation. In addition, initiatives carried by the company in the context of sustainable development are also taken into consideration.
In 2015, AB Group recorded a revenue of more than EUR 1.6 billion (PLN 7.1 billion).
AB Capital Group ranks among the largest distributors of IT / appliances / electronics and toys in Europe. It operates in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, selling products of the world’s largest manufacturers of advanced technology to more than 16 thousand trading partners. Since 2006, the company AB S.A. has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
More information about the company can be found at www.ab.pl