AB Group Invests in New Headquarters

AB Group Invests in New Headquarters

New headquarters of AB Holding will be built in Magnice, near Wrocław. In the immediate vicinity of Wrocław’s motorway bypass there is going to be the company’s new logistics centre. In comparison to the present venue, AB will have three times more space.

A rapid development of the company made AB Holding decide to build the new headquarters and logistics facilities. The project’s budget is estimated to reach 100 million PLN, 30% of which will be provided from the funds of the European Union.

AB’s representatives report that the business noted growth twice larger than the market itself. Within the next two or three years the company would most probably outgrow its present venue. Especially since the company’s offer of hardware is constantly extended.

The centre of logistics will be finished by 2015, in Magnice, district of Kobierzyce. The location is very close to Wrocław’s motorway bypass. It is good news for the city too, as the trucks transporting AB’s stock will no longer need to drive into the city.

New warehouses will provide approximately 34 000 pallet slots and much larger multi-level mezzanine which is intended to have 2-3 thousand square metres capacity. Due to the launching of AB’s centre there will be about 150 new jobs created.

AB Holding is a leading business in the IT hardware sector for the middle and Eastern Europe. Among distributed products there are brands such as Apple. AB has also its own brands such as ink cartridges and toners for printers “TB Print”, “Triline” tablets or “TB Energy” LED lighting solutions.