AB Group has launched a new investment section (within the structures of TB Energy)

tb energyTB Energy designs professional lighting systems based on DIALux software, creating the concept and the selection of appropriate lighting (for the needs of the customer as well as according to the technical requirements of the room). TB Energy’s services expanded after the creation of an investment department.
The new division operates within the B2B structures. It provides advanced technologies and solutions, such as housing, industry – hermetic, raster and High-bay LED panels, rail systems, fittings downlights, projectors and LED street lamps. It will also be responsible for supporting investments in tender projects to equip public buildings, sports facilities, schools and kindergartens, offices, industrial warehouses, logistics, hospitals and clinics, and commercial facilities.
TB Energy, acting at the investment level also enables assistance in obtaining funds for the implementation of activities. Special training completed by the employees of TB Energy enables professional advice on fundraising and preparing the necessary documentation to obtain financing.