AB – Another International Champion from Wrocław

AB – Another International Champion from Wrocław

Another participant from the Polish Champion programme has been named an International Champion by PwC. Polish Champion is a programme run by Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency, whereas the prize in “Investor’s” category was awarded to AB in a contest called “Polish Business – International Champion”. There is already one company with such title among Polish Champions – Selena.

The most recent winner of PwC’s contest – AB is the leading distributor of IT hardware in Middle and Eastern Europe.

‘Promotion of local business activity and initiatives advertising the development of Polish entrepreneurship are highly necessary. They allow us to gather knowledge and learn the local patterns of running business. At the same time they show a positive image of Polish businesses to the foreign investors’ said Mr. Andrzej Przybyło, CEO of AB S.A.

The first company to receive PwC’s prize was Selena. It was recognized for its achievements in promoting the Polish brand worldwide. Selena Group consists of 30 enterprises, with manufacturing facilities on 3 continents, from which products reach over 70 countries globally.

Both distinguished companies are taking part in the Polish Champion programme aimed at internationalization of Polish businesses, by making them competitive on foreign markets.

The goal of PwC’s contest “Polish Business – International Champion” is promoting Polish companies which achieved success on foreign markets as investors or exporters, influencing the shape of Polish economy.

PwC’s contest was open to all companies operating in Poland and based on domestic capital, which within the last 5 years either initiated a foreign investment project or run significant and successful export operations .