15 per cent Growth of the Impel Group for the Period of Three Quarters of 2012

15 per cent Growth of the Impel Group for the Period of Three Quarters of 2012

The company’s revenue has amounted to 1.047 billion PLN, which means 15 per cent more than in the same period last year. In the third quarter the revenues of Impel were 358.2 million PLN, while the operating profit – 19.6 million PLN.

On the day of reporting, the company distinguished three acquisition processes, which belong to the most important events of the preceding period. Impel is taking over Climbex, Ad Acta and Brink’s. The signing of the target contract with Brink’s C. L. Polska is dependent upon the positive decision from the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection connected with the possibility of the company’s acquisition. Total revenues of the aforementioned companies in the year 2011 amounted to 80 million PLN.

In the strategy of the Impel group, acquisitions are an important growth factor. Closed acquisitions will allow us to enhance the dynamics of growth and, more importantly, the profits. The acquisition of Climbex, which will join the segment of real estate, will enable the provision of modern, highly-specialized services in the field of the cleaning of industrial installations both in Poland as well as abroad – says Danuta Czajka, the Vice-President of Impel S.A. – The acquisition of Brink’s C.L. Polska strengthens our position in the market in the sector of the convoying and calculating of monetary values, thus bringing us closer to the position of the market leader. Thanks to this acquisition, we are increasing the potential of further growth; we will also be able to guarantee a more effective provision of services. We look forward to excellent cooperation with our new Customers and we hope that it will bring tangible benefits to both parties. The acquisitions of Brink’s C.L. Polska and Ad Acta make an important step towards the consolidation of the security market and they also create a perspective for the further development of the Security Segment. We are conducting further acquisition processes which will enhance the portfolio of the Impel Group.

200 per cent growth has been recorded by our foreign operations, in particular – the dynamics of growth within the scope of the Product Line of the Business Process Outsourcing – BPO (Accounting, HR and Information Technology). The growth of this specialized line was 68 per cent year-on-year.

In the period of three quarters of 2012, traditionally the best results in the segments have been recorded by the Real Estate Services, with sales revenues amounting to over 500 million and with the profitability of 5,4 per cent; next – by the Security, with revenues amounting to over 334 million PLN and the profitability of 2,9 per cent. The Business Unit – Distribution achieved the revenues on the level of 211 million PLN and developed the profitability of 3,8 per cent. What should be particularly stressed is the growth of sales in this segment of nearly 40 per cent.

The analysis of the achieved results allows market analysts to value the company 20 per cent over its today value on the stock market with the recommendation: “Buy”.